Our village is one of only several affordable rental accommodation retirement  options in the entire state of Queensland, where you can manage with no bond/deposit , and only pay fortnightly rent that is affordable even if you are on the pension alone, which covers all meals. 

Pictured here are John and Janice Humphries, our widely experienced /dedicated on site managers.

A lovely seaside  retirement option: relaxed and caring. 

Price Structure

All rents are based approximately on a percentage of the Single Aged Pension together with the  Government Rent Assistance (which you can apply for in addition to the pension).

Fortnightly rent is affordable even if you are managing on the pension alone.

You will even be left with some money to spare after paying your rent, from your fortnightly pension.

We have 2 different possible pricing structures/scenarios, depending on your situation and what suits you the best:

  • One bedroom unit for one person and all meals included

  • One bedroom unit for two people (a couple) and all meals included


To keep our pricing affordable we do not include nursing care as part of our package, however many residents make their own nursing arrangements with local council or  doctors to suit their circumstances.

Contact Us

Living Better At Wynnum

51 New Lindum Road, Wynnum West, QLD 4178

07 3893 2172

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Outside office hours unit inspections by appointment only. 

Mon 9am - 5pm

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